Stan Lee Wants Lobo

During this year’s Fan Expo Canada, Stan Lee (the man who created most of the popular Marvel characters) surprisingly talked about his love of a popular DC character, Lobo. Lee has expressed his interest in the character before, however, this time he offered up some harsh advice for Warner Bros.’ DC films.

lobo stan lee

Lobo, whose name roughly translates as “he who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it,” enjoys mindless violence, intoxication, and the color Sepulcher Black. He loathes square jaws, goody-goodies, democracy, flags, basic rights and most everything decent. This is very different from Stan Lee’s Marvel characters.

During the Q&A session, Stan Lee answered questions about Lobo and DC films:

“Did you ever see Lobo? I thought he was a character that should be a Marvel character, ’cause he was the worst human being on Earth, and he was so evil and vile and strong and ugly, and I loved him!”

“I loved him! But he belonged to DC. But they never knew what to do with him.”

When a fan wearing a Suicide Squad t-shirt asked what DC could do to make a film that would be a critical success, Lee replied:

“Let me write it.”

Lobo is DC’s ‘mature’ mercenary that was first created by Roger Slifer and Keith Griffen back in 1983. He started as a villain, but eventually gained an ‘anti-hero’ status. It would be very interesting to see what ol’ Stan could come up with using the character, however, that will probably never happen.

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