Stan Lee Doesn’t Like That Superman Flies

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Staying on the topic of Superman and Thor, this week’s episode of Stan’s Rants features Stan Lee ranting about how Thor’s flying capabilities are better, and more realistic, than Superman’s. Make up your own minds.

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  1. LinuxMage

    I like Stan Lee a lot but the rant is silly. Thor( the comic/movie version as opposed to the mythological ) and Superman are fictional characters existing in Make Believe Universes who possess fantastic powers. How is it more or less fantastical what manner of “Flying Principal” is employed to give them their various powers of flight? Lee, makes the argument about Thor’s mode being “Scientific” which is very ironic considering Thor is a Mythological God. Since when does a “god” need science to explain or justify his Power? Sometimes people, even famous Icons, should just suspend disbelief and enjoy the show instead of nick picking.

    • Evan Saunders

      It’s fair enough comparing the two heroes in question and ranting on which is better, but if you look at the broader Marvel universe, there are loads of superheroes who fly without any scientific explanation. (e.g. Loki, half the X-men, Human Torch, etc.) I agree, then, that we should just suspend belief and enjoy…unless of course the movies are bad!

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