Square Enix E3 2018

After a great showing from both Bethesda and Microsoft, the pressure was on for Square Enix to deliver during their E3 2018 conference.

While many might feel that what was shown was a rehash from the Microsoft conference, there were some intresting new games announced and we got to see more of some of our most highly anticipated games of 2018 and 2019.

Who wouldn’t want to see more chaos from Just Cause 2 or more Disney characters in Kingdom Hearts III? But, to be honest, we were expecting loads more from Square Enix.

Square Enix E3 Conference - Raiding Tombs, A Quiet Man, And Huge Knights

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit – Let your imagination run free

Square Enix revealed a spinoff in the Life is Strange series called The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit during its E3 conference.

The new game will not only give us more insight into the universe, as it takes place in the same world but will be filled with Easter eggs for Life is Strange 2.

Developers Dontnod made it clear that the game was a self-contained story set in the same world/universe as the critically acclaimed series.

The game will follow protagonist Chris, a young kid who has an imaginary alter ego called Captain Spirit, a superhero as he takes on various imaginary quests.

The best part is that the game will be free and will launch on the 26th of June 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The Quiet Man – Silence rings loudest

Square Enix did have some surprises up their sleeve as they announced a mysterious new game, called A Quiet Man.

Besides a trailer featuring a man beating up some thugs, details about the game are scarce. The game is described as delivering an immersive story and blends live-action footage with realistic CG.

According to the game’s description, it will be an action-packed motion picture-like experience that can be completed in one sitting.

While this is all the information about the game that is currently available, we find ourselves intrigued as to what exactly the game will be like.

Just Cause 4 – Extreme weather incoming!

While we did see a new trailer for Just Cause 4 during the Microsft conference, the footage shown during the Square Enix conference gave us a more in-depth look at the game’s extreme weather system.

Tornadoes will tear trees from the ground, destroy buildings and cause general havoc. Sandstorms can be unpredictable but the clever player can use them to their advantage, and then there is lighting which can prove deadly.

All this, coupled with the game’s already impressive physics and destruction systems, makes us excited to once again cause utter creative destruction as Rico.

The game is set for release in December 2018 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Stab from the shadows

Square Enix showed a trailer for the upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider that reveals the games more darker tone. The trailer also shows how Lara can become one with the jungle as she stabs her enemies from the shadows. Basically, she does her best ninja impression.

We also get to see some of her new moves, including wall running and grappling. It also needs to be said that the game does look absolutely gorgeous. Of course, the developer promises that this is the largest hub world ever created for any Tomb Raider game.

The game is expected to release in September 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Kingdom Hearts III – More Kingdom Hearts and we aren’t complaining

We have to admit that we are really excited for the release of Kingdom Hearts III and, after waiting for years (well it feels like years) for any new news or footage of the game, we were treated to two trailers, one during the Microsoft conference and another during the Square Enix one.

While the trailer that was shown during the Square Enix conference did feature some of the footage we saw during the Microsoft conference, there was some new stuff thrown in, such as our first look at the Ratatouille stage, which obviously sees Sora slaving over a hot stove.

The more we see of the game the more we want to get our hands on it. It seems charming in all the good ways.

Kingdom Hearts will be releasing on the 29th of January 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Babylon’s Fall – Giant knights

PlatinumGames have revealed their latest project called Babylon’s Fall.

The developer did release a trailer but, beyond revealing some historical information about the game’s lore and a battle between some armoured knights (which we would’ve like to see more of), nothing else was revealed.

We do know that the game is planned for release next year sometime but this is just as vague as everything about the game. Hopefully well see more of this mysterious game in the coming months.

Were you disappointed by Square Enix’s E3 2018 reveals?

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