Sponsored Video: James Franco is preggers!


When a photograph of a pregnant James Franco ( the actor, director, producer, artist, web series creator, and author) finds its way to SWAG Magazine headquarters (via a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3 of course), the Fact Checkers Unit, Dylan (Brain Sacca) and Russell (Peter Karinen), are sent to investigate the strange phenomenon.

“Ah, someone must have caught me mid morph. I do the pregnant lady so that people give me their seats on the subway – one of the perks,” utters Franco.

Acting it seems is not the only thing the Planet of The Apes star is good at, he is also able to shape shift, transforming into actor Seymour Cassel, goliath actor Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister and “Terra Nova” star Allison Miller at will. Despite the best use of their fact checking powers, the FCU duo soon discover that they are in way over their heads. Thankfully they have their trusty Galaxy Note Premium Suite (which includes advanced note-taking applications and superb productivity tools) to help with their mission. And in all honestly, they are going to need it.

I’ve always been suspicious of Franco’s abilities – I mean com’on the guy survived the 127 hours stuck between huge rocks and still came out tops. Thankfully the award-winning actor doesn’t take himself too seriously and is able to share in a good laugh from time to time.

This is an excellent series of videos to showcase the many, many (did we say many?) features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3, a phone even iPhone users can attest to secretly admiring. Samsung has always been very innovative with their advertising approach and this campaign is sure to have fans hooked. The series does a good job of providing technical insight into the Note’s abilities, while simultaneously providing entertainment.

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