Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher Is Coming To Ghost Recon Wildlands

Many Splinter Cell fans were excited when a teaser trailer for Ghost Recon Wildlands featuring a quick glimpse of Sam Fisher released. Now, Ubisoft has finally announced that Sam Fisher will be crossing over with Ghost Recon Wildlands in a new free mission called ‘Special Operation 1 – Splinter Cell’.

Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher Is Coming To Ghost Recon Wildlands

This, however, begs the question, could we see a Special Operation 2 featuring another well-known Ubisoft character? As can be expected, anything featuring Sam Fisher probably involves loads of sneaking in the shadows. The new mission will, unfortunately, not see Sam as a playable character but rather players will meet up with him after infiltrating an enemy base and then protect him from various waves of pesky enemies.

The new update will also include a new PVP mode called Sabotage, among a few other new additions.

While the inclusion of stealth elements does fit in perfectly with the Splinter Cell theme, it’s just a shame that Sam will merely be an NPC for players to interact with. Hopefully, this is a sign that Ubisoft is investing in the Splinter Cell franchise again, which could mean a new game down the line.

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