Spilt Milk 1st birthday celebration

Is there a greater way to spend a weekend than partying it up at one of South Africa’s biggest Techno events? I attended Spilt Milk’s 1st year celebration which was set up at Cape Town Ostrich Ranch. The celebration left me with many memories that I will not forget.

Spilt Milk 1st birthday celebration

Packed with techno lovers filling up the space and atmosphere, Spilt Milk provided us with a massive set of 8 DJ acts inside a dome where you could feel the ground shaking as everyone danced non-stop for 12 hours.

Besides the massive dome set in the middle of the farm, there were smaller dome-like tents set up for a place to sit and take a short break from all the breath-taking DJ’s.

Spilt milk really outdid itself with giving the people only the best Techno DJ’s such as:

Dark Light

Miss CJ




Stab Virus



Spilt Milk 1st birthday celebration

Unfortunately, the main act (Citizen Kain) was unable to perform his set due to technical difficulties, but Spilt Milk still provided us with B_type, who played in place of Citizen Kain and clocked an astonishing set of 4.5 hours.

Word is Spilt Milk is looking at getting dates for Citizen Kain to come again and give us a spectacular show. I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Still all in all, Spilt Milk 1st birthday celebration was a breath-taking euphoric one. They will be providing us Techno lovers with more great memories in the time to come.

Photographs by Maka for Legend Photograph

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