Spider-Man Swings Into Action In New Gameplay Footage

2018 promises to be a big year for PlayStation 4 console owners as not only will the highly anticipated God of War be releasing in a few weeks but the Sony exclusive Spider-Man game is also planned for release this year. There hasn’t been much revealed about Spidey’s outing on the PlayStation 4, but a new Game Informer cover story has changed that.

Spider-Man Swings Into Action In New Gameplay Footage

Game Informer has announced that their cover story for the May 2018 issue will be about developer Insomniac’s Spider-Man game. The article will be covering combat, upgrades and side-quests, among other aspects of the game. There have also been rumours that the article could include the game’s release date.

To celebrate the news that the game will feature as part of their cover story, Game Informer also released a short trailer showcasing Spidey’s web-slinging abilities and combat prowess. It’s a short trailer but it’s enough to get us hyped for the game’s release.

Expect more details about the game to be released during this week which, as we mentioned, will hopefully include a release date.

Are you excited about the new Spider-Man game? What are your thoughts on it being a PlayStation 4 exclusive?

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