Spider-Man Animated movie

It was recently announced that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (The LEGO Movie) would be producing and writing the script for the new Spider-Man animated movie.

Spider-Man Animated movie

The animated film would exist independently from the live-action Spider-Man movie that is currently in production. Although Phil Lord and Christopher Miller can’t say much more about the project they did promise in an interview with IGN that it will be something different.

“It is not going to feel like every other Spider-Man movie you’ve seen. It will stand on its own as a unique filmgoing experience.” It’s wonderful and the people that are working on it are geniuses. It is unique. … People will love it.”

Rumors have been doing the rounds that would suggest that the film might center around Miles Morales and not Peter Parker. Personally, we would love to see a Spider-Man film featuring Miles Morales, as we believe that he is a great character that deserves his own movie, even if it is an animated one.

Both Lord and Millar are known for their animated adaptation of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and The LEGO Movie. We are confident that this team has the potential to write and produce a great Spider-Man animated movie, and we can’t wait for December 2018 when the movie is set to release.

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