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Room 9, South Africa’s First Sci-Fi TV Series, Is Here

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South Africans first took a stab at sci-fi with District 9, which became an international hit and won many critical awards. Many local directors have been attempting to ride off that success. Room 9, South Africa’s first sci-fi television series, is no different.

Room 9 is a 13-part TV series set in an alternate Pan-African world, where evil thrives and darkness rules. Some might find the concept completely ridiculous, and others who are accustomed to the many failed attempts by SABC will welcome the Tokoloshe busting series with open arms.

A specialized Police Occult Unit led by ambitious young detective Alice Kunene together with seasoned veteran Harkness and their high-tech detective team, hunts down the perpetrators of evil, both in the world of the living and of the dead.

Room 9 will broadcast on 8 Nov 2012 at 20h30.

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  1. Johan 'Andy' Kruger

    I’m sure Charlie Jade was before this shoe? Though I suppose as a South African/Canadian collaboration it may not qualify.

  2. Rich English

    how cliche hacking peoples limbs off in south africa. isnt that the standard. do something different show me someone educated.

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