Sony Unveils New 4K LCD TV: The Industry’s Largest 84-inch Class

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Sony today unveiled its latest BRAVIA LCD television which boasts a 4K (3840 x 2160) LCD panel, in the industry’s largest 84-inch class 1 and incorporates Sony’s “4K X-Reality PRO” super-resolution high picture quality engine This formidable combination seamlessly delivers high-resolution large-screen picture with high-quality powerful sound, to provide viewers with an immersive experience, unlike anything offered by existing televisions.

Available in South Africa within 2012, this state of the art BRAVIA’s 4K LCD panel comprises approximately 8.29 megapixels, four times the resolution of Full HD standard, and incorporates “4K X-Reality PRO”, Sony’s super-resolution high picture quality engine optimised for the 4K TV. This engine is capable of reproducing a variety of content with different resolutions, such as HD digital broadcasts or Blu-ray discs content, into stunningly crisp, high-quality images with 4K resolution.

Andrew Fraser, Senior Brand Manager for Sony South Africa comments, “This television re-defines image quality. The super-high resolution and large screen size ensure a picture experience that is close to reality – 4K is massive jump in resolution and image quality even when compared to so-called Full High Definition (1080 line) displays.”

Sony Unveils 84' TV - Back

Viewers will not be bothered by the pixels, and notice instead that images are breathtakingly realistic and beautifully clear with the wide 60-degree viewing angle, even if they sit as much as half the distance[2] to the screen, as compared to when viewing Full HD (for which a distance equal to three times the screen height is recommended).

In addition, the combination of the “10 Unit Live Speaker” side speaker system, which is optimised for this large-size screen, and Sony’s unique high-quality sound signal-processing technology achieves powerful three-dimensional sound, enveloping the viewer in position-orienting tones, from deep bass to high notes.

With its beautiful, large high-resolution screen and high-quality powerful sound, viewers can enjoy immersive experiences unlike anything offered by existing televisions, as if they were at a live entertainment venue or in a movie theatre. Viewers can also enjoy high resolution digital photographs on the large screen, by blowing up scenic pictures into large poster sizes, or enlarging photos of children into life-sized pictures for the whole family to see.

Furthermore, PlayMemories Studio[3], a special PlayStation®3 software, enables users to organise and playback high resolution photographs with ease and comfort on the 4K television. Going forward, Sony aims to offer new television viewing styles by continuing to provide these kinds of new consumer experiences.

Sony Unveils 84' TV - Style

Sony has been involved in building the 4K content viewing and creating environment in the professional field, from rolling out its 4K digital cinema projectors to movie theatres throughout the world, to preparing a range of production equipment, including the flagship CineAlta “F65” camera capable of shooting 4K content. In the consumer electronic field, Sony has released the VPL-VW1000ES home theatre projector for family use which has been favourably received.

Sony will strive to strengthen its BRAVIA products, with the release of this kind of high-resolution, large-screen 4K TV, which maximises its technical 4K prowess in the field of 4K, and offers new ways to enjoy television.


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