Sony Reveals PS4 UI

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Sony has posted a few screenshots from the new PlayStation 4 UI. The images give us a quick look at what we can expect in terms of the overall design and feel, but not much in actual functionality, as there wasn’t any additional information included. The images include that of the Home Screen, “What’s New” screen, Gallery Video, Live Stream, Profile Page, Share Menu, Video Editing and Message screen. In terms of the design, there isn’t a great change from what users have become accustomed to on their PS3s.

The What’s New screen highlights new games, video and other content that players might enjoy. The Gallery Video screen allows users watch video clips uploaded by friends and other PS4 users. The Profile Page screen shows the users’ name, gamer tag, trophies, and additional information about their accounts. The Live Stream screen is where users can view live videos, as well as stream their own. The Share Menu screen gives users the potential to upload videos, screenshots and other broadcasts, while the Video Edit screen hints at how users are able to edit their game videos before uploading.

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