Sony Reveals PS Vita and PS Vita TV

It’s that time again when Sony releases smaller form factor consoles, or slightly modified ones. The PS Vita isn’t getting 1, but 2 revisions. The first one is a smaller, lighter version of the current Vita hardware.

The PS Vita 2.0 – let’s call it that – will to 20 percent thinner and 15 percent lighter than the current Vita 1.0; sporting an LCD screen as opposed to OLED. It will only be available in WiFi and include a 1GB memory card. Vita 2.0 (again, that’s what I’m calling it) will launch in Japan first, in October, for around $200. This is the new Vita price point.

Now to the really juice announcement of the day.

Sony Reveals PS Vita Updates-02

Not only do we have a PS Vita handheld revamp, but a home console version as well. The PS Vita TV will contain all of the insides of the handheld version, but can connect it to your home TV. The highest resolution support is 1080i. Vita TV will lack a gyroscope, camera, microphone and back touchpad, which means there are some Vita games that will not be playable on it. It will utilise a standard PlayStation Dual Shock 3 controller.

Sony Reveals PS Vita Updates-03

Sony is touting the PS Vita TV as a home media system (using services like Hulu) and cheap home console. This will allow lower income households to play console quality games for around $100 for the system. Like its handheld brother, the Vita will also be compatible with all downloadable PSP and PS1 Classics games.

Sony Reveals PS Vita Updates-04

A future update will allow it to steam PS4 games to the TV it’s connected to.

PS Vita TV is set to launch in Japan on November 14th.

Sony’s PS Vita sales have been suffering since launch – has anyone purchased one? – But the PS Vita TV & 2.0 will hopefully give them some ground against Nintendo’s 3DS and 2DS systems.

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