Limited Edtion Translucent PS4 Pro 

Who would’ve ever thought that when the original PlayStation released way back in 1994 (now I feel really old) it would become such a giant in the console industry? To help celebrate the console’s success over the years, Sony will be releasing a Limited Edition Translucent PS4 Pro.

Limited Edtion Translucent PS4 Pro 

Over the years, Sony has sold more than 500 million PlayStation units and to help celebrate Sony is releasing a shiny new very Limited Edition Translucent PS4 Pro. So, what makes this specific PlayStation so special? First off, the console has an eye-catching translucent dark blue body, which lets you see the console’s insides when the power light is turned on. Making this unit even more exclusive (and a must-have for collectors) is the limited edition number which is engraved on a small copper plate that is mounted on the front of the console. It also has a 2TB hard drive, which is twice as big as the current PlayStation 4 Pros out there. Did I mention that there will only be 50 000 units of this Limited Edtion Translucent PS4 Pro available worldwide? So, yeah, this is definitely a collector’s piece.

But wait, that’s not all,. The console comes with a matching DualShock 4 controller and a PS Camera.  Those wanting to further expand their matching peripherals can also purchase the matching translucent PS wireless headset that Sony will also be releasing. Both the headset and the Dualshock 4 can be purchased separately.

Limited Edtion Translucent PS4 Pro 

The console bundle will cost $499 with the additional controller costing $64.99 and the wireless headset going for $99.99. The bundle (and matching peripherals) are set for release in early September 2018 but will be available for pre-order online from the 24th of August 2018.

While the console’s translucent design didn’t resonate with us immediately, it has started to grow on us. What do you think? Would this be worth buying? Do you like the design of the Limited Edition Translucent PS4 Pro?

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