Sony Says PlayStation 4 Is Entering The End Of Its Life-cycle

There have been rumours about the next PlayStation already being in development, leading many to believe that we might be hearing news of the new console within the next year. Adding to the speculation, PlayStation boss John Kodera has said that the PS4 has reached the end of its life-cycle.

Sony Says PlayStation 4 Is Entering The End Of Its Life-cycle

The comment was made during Sony’s Corporate Strategy Meeting. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that development of games for the system will cease but rather that sales of the console might start to slow down in the coming months.

This is further enforced by the fact that Sony sold 19 million PlayStation 4’s during the previous year, yet are expecting to only sell about 16 million units during this year. Kodera’s statement could be a way to help put this slow down in sales into context. His statement does make sense when comparing the life-cycle of previous PlayStation consoles with that of the PlayStation 4.

Luckily, there are still quite a few amazing PlayStation 4 exclusives on the horizon such as Spider-Man and The Last of Us Part 2, proving that Sony isn’t planning to slow down games development for the console anytime soon.

Those expecting a PlayStation 5 E3 2018 announcement will be disappointed though as PlayStation Executive Shawn Layden recently confirmed that the Sony E3 briefing will not include any hardware announcements. Chances are that we can only expect a new hardware announcement possibly from next year, with many speculating an end of 2019 release. Whatever Sony might be planning, we hope that it will result in more amazing games for us to play.

What do you think? Do you believe that Sony has something up their sleeve for next year? Will we see a PlayStation 5 sooner than expected?

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