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Over the years there have been many feature film tie-ins with device manufacturers, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find many more premium brands than the likes of Sony and Aston Martin. The duo have teamed up in their latest campaign for the release of the latest Bond film in the franchise, SPECTRE. With tomorrow’s release (06-11-2015) of the film, Sony launched in Bond Edition Xperia Z5 in South Africa at the Daytona Showroom in Sandton, Johannesburg, alongside the impressive Bond Edition Aston Martin DB9 GT.

Sony Launches Bond Edition Xperia Z5 - 02

The DB9 is tailored with 007 insignia, and an enhanced engine and design specs, while the Z5 includes various SPECTRE content, as well as official James Bond themes, wallpapers and a behind-the-scene blog from Miss Moneypenny. The Xperia Z5 Bond Edition will only come in black, as part of its premium look.

Sony Launches Bond Edition Xperia Z5 - 01

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