Days Gone

When the first gameplay for Days Gone was shown we all probably thought that this is yet another zombie game. According to Sony Bend, this seems to not be the case .

Days Gone
Senior animator Emmanuel Roth explained, in and interview with GamesRadar, that although these “creatures” might seem like zombies they are definitely alive. These are humans that have become infected and turned feral by a disease and are called Freakers (similar to 24 days later). He explained further that every Freaker is different, and that they have different needs and even behave differently  depending on their surroundings and the weather.
The gameplay trailer showed two of these creatures, the main horde type Freaker, and the smaller Freaker dubbed a Newt. Unlike the hoard type Freakers the Newt seems to shy away from direct conflict and would rather pounces on their victims when they least expect it.

In the E3 Gameplay demo, it appeared as if the protagonist Deacon was capable of handling the hoard of  Freakers as long as he kept moving. Roth indicated that although it seemed like Deacon was capable of handling the hoard that was chasing him, the final game won’t be that easy. Players will need to decide when an area is safe to explore, or when the Freaker threat might be too much for them to handle. It will be critical that players know when to avoid conflict in the final game. It also becomes really important that players use the environment to help them escape the Freakers should they start attacking them.

One question everybody had after seeing the gameplay demo was exactly how many Freakers would Sony Bend be able to fit on screen? Unfortunately, it seems that we would have to wait a little longer for the answer, as senior artist Brain Pape mentioned that they weren’t ready to talk about it just yet. Our guess is probably a lot.

We are interested to see how Days Gone will differentiate itself from other games such as the Last of Us. Hopefully as we see more of the game the differences will become clear.

Below is the gameplay demo from E3 2016.

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