Sonic Mania Edition

Sega has announced a rather nostalgic retro themed Collector’s Edition for Sonic Mania.

Sonic Mania Edition
The Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition will include a 12-inch Classic Sonic statue standing atop of a Sega Genisis base. What makes this even better is that the Sega Genisis actually has a working power switch that, when activated, plays the classic “SEGA!” start up sound from the good old days. The box incorporates the classic and iconic Genesis era branding, and also includes a “SEGA cartridge cast with a gold ring” and a metallic card with a download code for the game.

For those that grew up in the Sega Genisis era, this is a really awesome and nostalgia-inducing Collector’s Edition that makes us want to take out are old dust covered Genisis consoles again.

Sonic Mania brings Sonic back to his 2D roots with a nostalgic pixel art style and some classic high-speed platforming. The game is a re-imagining of iconic levels from  Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic CD and Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles, and also includes some completely new levels. Sonic Mania is set to release in 2017

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