Sonic Maker Will Let You Build Your Own Nostalgia Inducing Levels

When Nintendo released Super Mario Maker, a game that lets you build your own 2D Mario levels, Sonic fans were understandably upset that their blue hedgehog mascot didn’t have his own level-making version of the game. Now, a new fan project called Sonic Maker is trying to show that Sonic deserves his own level-making game.

Sonic Maker Will Let You Build Your Own Nostalgia Inducing Levels

Sonic Maker is a fan project built using GameMaker Studio 2 and lets you build your own Sonic levels complete with high-speed loops and springs. The level maker even boasts Genesis accurate physics and collision detection, making each level feel like it was created specifically for the retro console.

Sega has yet to hit the project with a cease-and-desist, although the company has been more than willing to work with fans in the past – just liked they did with Christian Whitehead, who worked on the critically lauded Sonic Mania.

It’s truly impressive to see what the tech behind Sonic Maker can do, making creating your own levels as easy as tapping a few buttons. Sonic and Mario aren’t the only ones to have their own level-creating games. Mega Man Maker released in 2017 and allows you to create your own Mega Man levels.

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