Is This Smart Mirror An Innovative Idea Or Completely Unnecessary

These days it’s easy to sell the idea of smart tech to just about everyone with everything. We all want the coolest and best technology. Whether that comes in the shape of a mirror or a 3D pencil, any and all ideas are welcome. However, MirroCool, a product advertised as “an all-in-one Smart Mirror and personal assistant” seems like something that we just don’t need right now.

Imagine having your daily schedule presented to you in a smart mirror while you are brushing your teeth, combing your hair or getting done for the day. That sounds pretty cool, right? And it is, in a way. But just how revolutionary and useful can this possibly be?

MirroCool is a smart mirror that functions as a Personal Assistant synced up with your smart device. It comes with a Built-in HD camera programmed to recognise the face of the registered profiles.

One of the selling points of the MirroCool is that it is able to take selfies when you wink at it and recognises your face and facial expressions while your hands are busy. That sounds neat, but really, who is that lazy? When you think about it, it’s technically just a much bigger version of your phone with less functionality.

MirroCool gives you everything you need to stay aware of your day’s tasks. Sync it up with your existing online calendar whether it is Google Calendar, iCloud, or Office 365.

Nevertheless, the product hit Kickstarter on July 11th and has surpassed its funding goal in just under 72 hours. If this is something that you believe you “must-have”, you’re welcome to check out their official site:

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