Sleeping Dogs: Launch Trailer

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What makes a good man? With less than a week to go before its 17th August launch date, Square Enix, in collaboration with United Front Games, has released a launch trailer for Sleeping Dogs.

“Loyalty. Honor. Sacrifice. Those are the qualities Wei Shen needs to chop the head off the Sun On Yee dragon. But he’ll also need to display ruthlessness, cold blood and brutal fighting skills. So does that make him a good man gone bad, or was there always a seed of evil inside him? That’s up to you! How far will you go to take down the Triad? Only a few more days before we all find out.”

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Sleeping Dogs will be available from 17th August 2012 for the PS3®, Xbox 360® and Windows PCs. For more information about Sleeping Dogs, visit:

Official Website:

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