It is no secret that the video gaming industry is a tough one. The past year has seen many great studios having to close their doors, and now it seems that Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games might be the next to do so.

Sleeping Dogs
Although there has been no official statement from the studio, it would seem that, according to multiple reports online, United Front Games is closing their doors for good.  A Twitter post from a producer at United Front Games Jen Timms seems to confirm this.

” Currently mourning the best job I’ve ever had, and the most wonderful team I’ve ever worked with. The end of an era. Goodbye, UFG”

The news is quite unexpected as the team’s last gen open-world title Sleeping Dogs was well-received and so was it’s other titles such as Mod Nation Racers. It seems though that the studio’s recent projects such as the Sleeping Dogs spin-off, Triad Wars as well as their latest game Smash + Grab might have been plagued by issues and could have contributed to the studio’s closure.

It’s a sad day when any gaming studio closes down, especially one that brought us a great game such as Sleeping Dogs.  We hope that those that are affected quickly land on their feet and would like to wish them all the best.

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