SK Announces Additional PS4 Stock

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South Africa, 06 February 2014; Ster Kinekor Entertainment today announce that additional stock of the highly coveted PlayStation®4 consoles will be hitting South African stores from today, the 7th February!

After selling out in less than 24 hours after the PlayStation®4 units went on sale on 13th December last year, the team at Ster Kinekor Entertainment has been working hard to ensure enough stock is available to satisfy the growing demand for this next-generation console.

“We are overwhelmed with how incredible the PlayStation®4 has done since its launch in 2013 and have shown a record Q4 2013 and the first part of Q1 this year in our hardware sales figures” said Mario dos Santos, Chief Executive Officer of Ster Kinekor Entertainment.

The additional units will be delivered across the retailer network today, 07 February!

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