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It’s A House hosted an adult themed tongue-in-cheek production on Saturday 15th June, simply titled Sister Mary James has Mass Appeal!, an improvised cabaret comedy show with mass appeal (pun intended). There is always a level of suspense at the exclusive “comedy with a conscience” production show, mainly because you could end up being the next target. The show’s host, James Costello (aka Sister Mary), who often involves the audience in his crazy antics, loves giving back. Audience members are asked to bring unspoiled foods, blankets or clothes for charity and after the show there is an auction for a private Sister Mary show – the final bid goes to nurturing new talent and keeping the show going.

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Earlier that day, James was part of the judging panel for the K-Rocks talent show at Department of Coffee, Khayelitsha and invited the winners to join him that evening for Sister Mary James, providing them with a platform to showcase their talents. From the beautiful vocals of the Thokozani Youth Choir to a duo dance off by Sam and Cairo and the free-styling lyrics of SMITH, the evening started with quite the variety. They were followed by Larry Soffer, a mentalist, performing a few remarkable fork bending tricks. Members of the audience had the opportunity to experience his act up close.

During the short interval that followed, Costello sat on stage, doing his make-up, letting the audience become part of the transformation from James to Sister Mary. This flamboyant character boasts with an opening song quickly snapping the audience into admiration. Throughout the show there is laughter at the wit and clever innuendo that often goes above some heads. One is reminded of Frank N. Furter, from Rocky Horror – that ability to work the audience, sting them through an arrange of feelings and thoughts; ‘I’m so uncomfortable.’ ‘That’s hilarious.‘ ‘No she did not just say that!’ Mmmh naughty.’ ‘Blushing, it’s so true.’ ‘I love this!’ In a very comical fashion, Sister Mary shares her thoughts and experiences on very relevant topics of Cape Town, conversing directly to individuals in the audience, and before long everyone provided material to script a true live comedy. Of course every performance is different, so one never knows what to expect, but laughter is always guaranteed!

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To buy tickets you must get into contact with Costello directly via Facebook or Twitter (@sistermaryjames). Tickets sell for R300 to R450 VIP (includes dinner). Sister Mary James will be showcased at It’s a House once a month, with next show date being 13 July. Details are on the Sister Mary website


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