The 'Sin City' Franchise Is Moving To The Small Screen

What is black and white and red all over? Three years after Sin City: A Dame to Kill, the franchise is heading to the small screen. Former Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazarra is set to write the show’s pilot, which will be produced by comic book creator Frank Miller, Bob Weinstein and Harvey Weinstein.

It seems that everything these days is getting a reboot or a spin-off. Why should Sin City be any different? Although no specifics for the show have been given, it seems the series will focus on a new set of original characters within the Sin City world.

Sin City TV

Robert Rodriguez, Jessica Alba and Bruce Willis’ involvement in the show has yet to be revealed. While the original film was a huge success, raking in $158.7 million on a modest $40 million budget, the sequel Sin City: A Dame to Kill For was poorly received and earned a mere $39 million.

Perhaps television is a more fitting home for Frank Miller’s dark and gritty noir world. Debuting in 1991, the comic book series tells multiple stories across a city overrun with drugs, sex, crime and violence.

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  1. Yaoikage-Sama

    If done right this could become a classic just as the first film was.
    If this does get green lit, I’m hoping for more of a 40 minute an episode type deal instead of the hour dragged stories they do these days. Sure world building and character development is important, and progresses the story, however, a lot of impact can be made in just 40 minutes.

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