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With Facebook expected to reach the 1 billion mark in August, based on the current rate of new registrations, there’s no doubting its popularity. Another franchise that has seen great return in its fan base is EA’s Sims and SimCity. Fans of Facebook’s social games have yet another game to in which to compete with their “friends” while bored at work. Presenting SimCity Social, a collaboration between Maxis and PlayFish, and published by EA, promises the same features fans of SimCity have come to know and love.

SimCity Social - Alliances

Cities built by the player will not follow a linear path, as seen in many games, but will evolve based on player preference, choices and creativity. Playing the part of the city mayor, you will deal with unforeseen issues in the form of fires, crime, pollution, and a host of others. If you’re wondering where the social element to this game is, fear not, as you are able to visit friends’ cities. In addition, you are also expected to choose alliances and build friendly relationships with other cities, or attempt to destroy the ones you wish not to partner with. You will also be able to choose what type of city you would like to build; commercial, industrial, or residential.

If you’re a keen SimCity player, or simply enjoy the opportunity to challenge Facebook friends, you can view the SimCity Social Facebook page for yourself, which is already close to the 1 million mark a few days after going live.

EA have placed quite a lot of emphasis on the game, and really hope you enjoy the experience. This is evident in the way in which the unveiled the game, which came across more as a weird sing-along than an innovative gaming experience.

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