Dick Grayson is a storied character in DC Comics. Starting out as the first Robin, he freed himself from the shackles of the Batcave and led his own team in Teen Titans, before taking on the moniker of Nightwing and becoming the protector of Blüdhaven. In this time, we’ve also seen him don the famous cape and cowl when Bruce Wayne has gone to Club Med.

Tell us then, why isn’t Grayson a full-fledged member of the Justice League by now? When you see that the likes of Cyborg, Simon Baz, and Jessica Cruz are all current League members, but Nightwing is nowhere to be found, you have to scratch your head at the logic of this. He’s a primetime player in the DC Universe, yet he’s still on the fringes.

Titans #19 Comic Book - Nightwing

However, Titans #19 hints that this might all change very soon. In the issue, Batman scolds the Titans for the events in “The Rise of Troia” and suggests there be a hiatus while the League investigates their actions. Nightwing has it out with the Dark Knight, questioning his former mentor’s trust of him and his leadership skills.

In a flashback, we see Batman taking Grayson, as Robin, to meet the Justice League for the first time. Naturally, Robin is excited and asks if he could ever be a member of the League one day. Batman reveals to his protégé that he envisions him to be the man to lead it. Back in the current day, Nightwing heeds Batman’s advice and tells the Titans to do as the League instructs.

Nightwing Titans #19 Comic Book

So, is this the event that will allow Grayson to leave the Titans and join the League? It would certainly make sense. With Damian Wayne leading the Teen Titans, Jason Todd having the Outlaws, and Batwoman leading the Bat Family in Detective Comics, the odd man out is Tim Drake at the moment. If Grayson moved to the League, though, it would give Drake the opportunity to take his place in the Titans. From a character development perspective, it makes sense for both Drake and Grayson.

To answer the question in the headline: yes, Nightwing should become the man to lead the League, but not yet. Putting him in the fabled supergroup would be a step in the right direction, which no one would be opposed to. Let’s hope this is what DC is planning.

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  1. Vinolan pillay

    Dick can become leader but not as yet because he still not mentally stable like Batman which needs him to take over as Batman like in the comic where Batman turns bad

    • I mean…you know I’m down for Nightwing anything 😂😂😂 but I have always wondered why Nightwing never joined the League. Would be interesting to see him not only join but also take on a leadership role

    • I would also be interested to see the type of leader he would be, we never got to really experience him as a leader as Nightwing
      He would be the next heir as a leader of a new Justice League in my opinion because there aren’t many guys I can think of that would step up to lead the League

    • I’m sure that most of those Titans would be Justice League members but would be interesting to see if Nightwing would be able to handle the leadership role. With a mentor like Batman, i am sure he would 😄

  2. Chad Kobs

    I know this is an old article but this is my first time reading it but I want to point Nightwing has led the Justice League once before during Joe Kelly’s run on the book when the original League was stuck in the past during the obsidian age and once as Batman before and around the time of Batman Inc.

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