Shave of Hope-Support Kids with Cancer

Shave of Hope: Support for Kids with Cancer: Update (Video)

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Thanks for all the support! Please keep donating to the cause.

Greetings FoS Readers

I’ll attempt not to take up too much of your time, but no promises…

…many would have noticed the mop above my head has increased dramatically over the past two years.
While some of you may not know me otherwise, this hairdo is not a style choice by any means.
I’ll be cutting my hair on the 26th June 2015, which may not seem like anything to announce on its own, but there is a rationale to writing you such.

Although, at the time, it did not start out this way, I made a decision two years ago to grow my hair in support of the many colleagues, friends and family who have had first-hand experience with the effects of cancer, whether themselves, their friends or family. While there have been a few inspiring stories of triumph, there have been those who have lost those they care for. And this is why I did what I did.

Cutting my hair won’t change that which is in the past, but, with your support, we can make a difference to those still battling.

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I’ve been in discussion with the Angel Team at Cupcakes of Hope in support of what they’re doing there with children battling cancer, and I’d like us to make a donation towards that program.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be hoping to collect donations by the set date, and I’d like you to partner with me in this. I’ve included a few stretch goals to make things more interesting, as follows:

  • R2,000 – I’ll shave my hair at the office, with the number two clipper, low blade setting.
  • R3,000 – #2 clipper, high blade.
  • R4,000 – #1 clipper, low blade.
  • R5,000 – #1 clipper, high blade.
  • To cap off the list of goals, I’ve set a target of R10,000 whereby I’ll then do a clean shave. Yes, all off! :)

Please use my name, Evan, as reference when donating to indicate your donation towards the above goals.

Although we won’t be baking on the day, which usually forms part of their “Party of Hope” campaign. “The aim of any of our events in to create awareness as well as educate the parents on the EARLY WARNING SIGNS OF CHILDHOOD CANCER, early detection can save a child’s life!”

Any donation, no matter how small, will allow us to reach the set stretch goals. While I’m not trying to guilt you into anything, I do believe as middle to upper class income, we have a responsibility to our community and those less fortunate.

I know we’re a few weeks into the month after payday, but don’t concern yourself, you’ll have the opportunity again after the next payday if you wish to contribute. Also, you can continue to donate via the Cupcakes of Hope website after the event.

Looking forward to positive feedback and those taking up the challenge.

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Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you think would love to support us, and more importantly, the kids sponsored by the Angel Team.

Shave of Hope-Support Kids with Cancer-Evan

About Cupcakes of Hope:

“Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer”, a non-profit company, raises awareness about the Early Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer and helps to raise funds for children who are fighting this illness. Through their ‘Cupcakes of HOPE’ events: volunteers, sponsors and bakers share their love for baking for this great cause, thus making the events the sweetest way to save a life. For more info on how you can become a Cupcake Angel or to view the Early Warning Signs, please visit

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