What? Shadow Of The Colossus Is Making A Comeback?

One of the biggest surprises at the Sony E3 2017 conference was the announcement that the highly regarded PlayStation 2 game Shadow of the Colossus would be making a comeback.

What? Shadow Of The Colossus Is Making A Comeback?

Sony revealed that a remake (remastered) version of The Shadow of Colossus would be heading to the PlayStation 4. The announcement included a stunning looking trailer that reminds us of just how far visuals have come since the PlayStation 2 era. The trailer was obviously made to tug at your nostalgia as it features everything we loved about the original. From Argo the horse to the absolutely towering Colossi, it’s all here.

The team behind the remake, Bluepoint Games, have worked on the Uncharted remakes, which turned out quite well. Just how much the remake will differ from the original is yet to be seen.

The Shadow of Colossus is scheduled to release early 2018.

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