SEGA Unveils The SEGA Mega Drive Mini

After Nintendo’s success with the Mini NES and Mini SNES consoles, SEGA has decided to launch their own retro mini console in the form of the SEGA Mega Drive Mini.

SEGA Unveils The SEGA Mega Drive Mini

You might be thinking to you yourself, “But hasn’t SEGA already released a mini Mega Drive?” The simple answer is yes. Last year a company called AtGames released the SEGA Genesis Flashback console, which received some rather scathing reviews from critics. According to a now-deleted Facebook post, AtGames seems to be behind the SEGA Mega Drive Mini as well, which could put a damper on our nostalgic-fueled hype.

Although SEGA has announced the mini console, there are still loads of unanswered questions. It is still not known how much the console will cost and if it will be heading to the West or, more importantly, if it will be an emulator in the same vein as Nintendo’s mini consoles.

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Some have speculated that SEGA’s console might actually use cartridges instead of using emulation. This seems unlikely but not out of the question. There is a chance that it could be a hybrid, using emulation for the built-in games and allowing gamers to play their old cartridges as well.

All we can do is hope that the SEGA Mega Drive Mini console will do justice to our childhood memories of the SEGA Mega Drive and that it turns out better than the SEGA Genesis Flashback.

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