Doom Call of Doom canceled documentary

For quite sometime images and footage of a canceled Doom 4 game have been doing the rounds on the internet. Now, a new documentary gives us some more insight into this canceled game.

Doom Call of Doom
The Doom 4 game was nicknamed Call of Doom and took place on earth after hell had invaded it. The single player campaign initially had a lot more characters and set-pieces than the Doom reboot we eventually got. The team at id Software felt that this didn’t really capture the feeling they wanted players to have when playing a Doom game. They, therefore, decided to rework the idea until they found the right mixture of gunplay, story, and brutal gameplay that made the previous Doom games so much fun. A melee system from the canceled game eventually evolved into the Glory kills found in the rebooted Doom game. As these mechanics and elements evolved the team finally ended up with the Doom reboot we all love.

The documentary not only delves into the cancelled game but also into how the team finally ended up with the rebooted Doom that garnered so much critical and commercial success.

Below is the documentary form Noclip titled To Hell & Back.


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