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Nu Metro launched its new Scene Xtreme cinema (boasting what is said to be the biggest cinema screen in the Western Cape) at Canal Walk on Wednesday, 14 December, with a screening of the latest Star Wars film, Rogue One. Yes, it’s the IMAX equivalent, but there are a few very impressive additions that might win over cinemagoers.

Scene Xtreme Canal Walk

When meeting Bronwen Auret, Nu Metro’s marketing exec, it’s easy to tell that the cinema chain is super excited about the future of its brand and ensuring that audiences have a moviegoing experience like no other. With that in mind, we’re told that Scene Xtreme offers full 4K ultra high definition laser projection technology, a Dolby Atmos sound system which features 360-degree sound and luxury recliner seating.

With the advancement of technology and home entertainment improving in quality, the box office requires something special to drag consumers out of their homes. Good movies aren’t enough. Consumers are looking for an experience. In steps Scene Xtreme and 4DX, two very unique options to experience the latest blockbuster.

Scene Xtreme Canal Walk Nu Metro

Technical advisor Johan van Staden, who was as excited about the project as a father who just had a newborn, delighted us with interesting facts about the cinema’s capabilities (most of which I wouldn’t even attempt to regurgitate). It’s a sight to behold. This is the future of cinema. While the standard movie shows are in 2K HD, Xtreme offers a 4K picture and is about three times as bright, making those dark 3D films a thing of the past.

Whatsmore, the audio is out of this world. It’s probably even more impressive than the gigantic 20m wide and 10m tall screen. From the moment the audio came to life I was impressed. It’s clean, crisp and powerful. Atmos soundtracks condense multiple levels of audio objects and moves away from the concept of channels for stereo or surround. The audio objects are processed with precision through an increased amount of speakers all around the cinema – and there is a lot of them. Look up and you’ll see subwoofers built into the ceiling and the walls.

Scene Xtreme Projector

Sadly, with a brand-new setup came a few unpredictable technical setbacks. The movie was restarted after a calibration issue with the 3D. However, after discussing it with a few of the Nu Metro staff, they assured us that the issues will be fixed by their next screening.

At R115 a ticket, Scene Xtreme will probably fit the budget of those looking for a little extra bang for their buck. It’s totally worth it. If you’ve enjoyed IMAX, you’ll definitely enjoy Scene Xtreme. The 4k quality makes watching movies that more exciting. After trying 4DX, IMAX, Prestige, Scene and Nouveau, I can honestly say that Xtreme looks like it will revolutionize the cinema experience. I’ll definitely go back. Well done Johan! Well done Nu Metro!

We’d love to know your opinion. What are you opinions on Nu Metro’s Scene Xtreme?

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  1. Y. Wyngaard

    The advertisements were way too loud, thank goodness the movie Patriots Day was nail bitting otherwise I was happy to leave

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