Microsoft’s Xbox One and PC exclusive Scalebound which, had the player teaming up with and controlling their own dragon, was a game that many including myself looked forward to playing. Unfortunately, recent news has as indicated that we will not get that chance.

Scale Bound Canceled
Microsoft has announced that the decision has been made to cancel the development of Scalebound.

“After careful deliberation, Microsoft Studios has come to the decision to end production for Scalebound,”

Rumors have been circulation that this might be the case as it had been discovered that the game’s page had been removed. Many suspected that the game’s development might have been canceled since it wasn’t mentioned as part of the Microsoft 2017 games lineup.

The game was scheduled to be released this year, and there was even a planned graphic novel in the works. Microsoft hasn’t revealed the reasons behind the cancellation of the game’s development.

The news is both shocking and sad as many gamers had been excited about the game. Hopefully, Microsoft releases some more information on why the game’s development was canceled.

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