Samurai Jack Will Return For A New Season On March 11

Great news! Samurai Jack will return for a fifth season premiere on Adult Swim on March 11, the network confirmed this weekend.

Samurai Jack Will Return For A New Season On March 11

In December 2015, Cartoon Network released a five-second promo confirming the beloved cult show would return. Thanks to one fan, we now finally have confirmation on a date. Save the date. Jot it down in your diary. Samurai Jack will fight again on March 11.

Samurai Jack follows the time-traveling prince who sets out to destroy the shape-shifting demon, Aku. The show will return for 10 episodes.

Series creator Genndy Tatakovsky and Samurai Jack voice actor Phil Lamarr gave us some behind the scenes insight into what’s happening with Adult Swim’s season 5. The new show takes place years after the original, and that’s changed Jack. The first Samurai Jack season 5 artwork released online shows Jack with a thick beard, covered in blood and looking angrier-than-usual.

“When we start, we’re definitely a few years later [than the season 4 finale]. You don’t have to watch episode 52 to start this season. So, what’s changed in Jack’s world is a lot. There’s a lot of drama that’s happened.”

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