Samuel L. Jackson Recaps MuthaF’n Game of Thrones

Samuel L. Jackson Recaps Game of Thrones
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Samuel L. Jackson recaps Game of Thrones and offers a brief and uncensored account of the first few seasons of HBO’s epic fantasy. Of course, it’s heavy on F-bombs and humour.

If you’re going to get someone to narrate a montage of six seasons of Game of Thrones, Sam Jackson is definitely your go to guy. The actor has appeared in just about everything, it’s only likely that he makes his way into Game of Thrones too. Game of Thrones Beginner’s Guide is everything you’d expect it to be. Quips like Cersei is Marie Antoinette, Joffrey is “this mother f***er” and Bran is just “trippin'” is typical Jackson-style. If you do happen to be a newbie, there are spoilers ahead.

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