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Samsung’s ‘Ditch the DSLR’ Campaign a Huge Success

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Hundreds queued to get their hands on the remarkable mirrorless NX30

Hundreds of eager photography enthusiasts participated in the inaugural South African ‘Ditch the DSLR’ campaign, hosted by Samsung Electronics South Africa, at the Photo & Film Expo last Saturday.

There were long queues from the evening before the campaign was started, as people waited hours for an opportunity to trade in their old DSLR for a brand new Samsung NX30.

Michael Gibson, Part Leader for Digital Imaging & Accessories at Samsung Electronics SA: “We are incredibly pleased with both the turnout and the excitement that this campaign has generated amongst professional photographers and photographic enthusiasts. We could only allow the first 100 consumers to trade in their old DSLR’s in Johannesburg but we do have more ‘Ditch the DSLR’ activities taking place nationwide.”

The next stop for ‘Ditch The DSLR’ is Cape Town on 29 & 30 November at Canal Walk, followed by Durban on 13 December at Gateway. So, if you are in these regions, get ready to haul out your old DSLR and get in line.

As was the case in Johannesburg, only DSLR’s fulfilling certain terms and conditions will be accepted for the trade in* and the cameras must still be functional and turned over with the kit lens and battery. Once the national campaign has been completed, Samsung will evaluate all old DSLRs and those in good condition will be donated to learning institutions to ensure that students who are unable to afford their own device, can make use of them for their studies, thereby assisting in their educational outcomes.

The rest will be recycled in an environmentally responsible manner, thus keeping with Samsung’s green management policy which guides and supports its continuous enhancement of a greener environment throughout its business activities.

Further to the excitement that the campaign generated, attendees at the event were also invited to try out Samsung’s different products in a variety of scenarios.

“Samsung is pleased to have been able to bring this exciting experience to South African consumers who want to try Samsung’s award-winning NX30. This is testament to our promise to lead the Smart Camera revolution through people-inspired innovation. We pioneered the Smart Camera and continue to provide unique and innovative technologies to consumers who value high quality imaging and intuitive sharing capabilities,” concludes Gibson.

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