Samsung Galaxy SIII: Premium Suite Upgrade

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Earlier this month, Samsung announced that it would be releasing a Premium Suite upgrade to its Samsung Galaxy SIII devices across the globe. The suite adds a number of new features already seen in the Samsung Galaxy Note II and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, along with additional apps for the power user. Samsung has also released 2 demo videos, which highlight the changes you can expect as part of the upgrade. Here’s what to expect with your upgrade in the coming days (hopefully not weeks or months):

Updated Features:

  • Auto Share Shot Pairing using NFC: This feature allows you to change settings in the camera to share photos and videos by simply tapping your smartphone to another Galaxy SIII.
  • Reader Mode: Change the size of the text in your browser, and also share the selected page.
  • Facebook Lock Ticker: Shows your Facebook live news feeds directly from the lock screen.
  • Multi-Window: As seen in with the Galaxy Note II, this allows you to open 2 separate apps to run on the screen at the same time using split windows.

Contextual Awareness:

  • Contextual Menu: Show the most frequently used apps first.
  • Contextual Tag: You can now tag the weather, date and location to your photos by simply enabling the feature in your camera settings.
  • Page Buddy: Automatically opens apps or performs functions when triggered. Example: When connecting your earphones, it will open the music player.

Powerful Multimedia:

  • Paper Artist: Change the moods of your pictures.
  • Camera, Low Light Shot: An update to the camera that allows you to take better quality images in low-light conditions.
  • Camera, Best Face: When taking group photos, the camera will capture 5 consecutive photos and choose the best one, which hopefully includes one where no one is blinking.

New Features & Better Accessibility:

  • Easy Mode: Helps you setup the 5 most frequently used widgets on the homescreen.
  • Sound Balance: Allows you to individually adjust the sound balance of each channel.
  • Setup Wizard: Accessibility menu appears from the start when setting up your device for the first time.
  • Camera Easy Snap: Detects how many faces you have captured when taking photos.

Samsung Premium Suite Upgrade Part 1:

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Samsung Premium Suite Upgrade Part 2:

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