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Samsung Galaxy S6: What We Know (Rumours)

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As is always the case before an imminent launch of a flagship smartphone these days, there have been many rumours about Samsung’s next iteration of its successful Galaxy S range. While many would have expected more detail to have trickled out of South Korea by now, it is rumoured that Samsung had to make some changes to its original plan for the device. The changes may have been prompted by two major factors: the heating issue, which has recently plagued Samsung devices using the Qualcomm chipest (Snapdragon 810), and their recent fallout with the chip manufacturer, as well as the dip in sales from the current Galaxy S5 range over previous editions. This has lead Samsung to focus more on its own Exynos chip for both the standard and LTE versions, and also design something more revolutionary, as opposed to the smaller, evolutionary changes on the S3, S4 and S5.

Image1 - Old Galaxy S6 Render

PhoneArena recently released what was thought to be the design for the SGS6 (as seen above), which is now considered an old render of the device. A more recent render of the device was spotted when an Asian case manufacturer leaked the version we see below.

Image3 - Newer SGS6 Render

Now for the information you came here to view, the specifications. The SGS6 is rumoured to have a 5.2” (some suggest 5.1”) screen, which has a Super AMOLED display with Quad HD resolution. As is suggested by this information, it will be Samsung’s best display to date, and is expected to perform extremely well under direct sunlight, and tone down to a very dim image under low-light conditions. With the fallout from Qualcomm, as discussed previously, Samsung will continue to use its Octa-core Exynos chip to power the SGS6, along with 3GB RAM. Strangely, and rather worryingly, the device will see a downgrade in the mAh of its battery, to 2,550mAh instead of the 2800mAh battery on the SGS5. This can only suggest that Samsung has been focusing on reducing the overall size of the device, in an attempt to release something more streamlined to compete with Apple’s iPhone 6. Another indication of this target is the exclusion of a microSD card slot. Instead, Samsung will offer variants of the device in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB versions. Other rumours about its design include glass on both the front and the rear, similar to the Nexus 4, although there will be no full metal body, as it was earlier suggested. Unfortunately, there will be no waterproof version this time around; Samsung implying instead that users who require this feature to get their hands on the Galaxy Active instead.

Specs and design aside, one thing Samsung has been known for on its smartphones is its bloatware, in the form of its firmware, and TouchWiz UI. To closely tie in with other Android Lollipop skins, Samsung will launch a more streamlined, material design version TouchWiz. Only time will tell how close to Google’s Nexus the SGS6 will be…not all that close I can imagine.

Image2 - Samsung Galaxy S Edge Render

What’s interesting is that there has been rumours of another variant to be released alongside the SGS6, which is not the LTE version (although that too will be launched). Instead, Samsung will now also be launching the Galaxy S Edge (render above), which had been previously known as the Galaxy S6 Edge. The naming scheme ties in with that of the Galaxy Note Edge launched alongside the Galaxy Note 4 last year.

Image4 - Samsung 20MP Camera

In terms of its release dates, the unit was originally planned to be launched at the end of March, but recent activity suggests that it would be moved forward by two to three weeks to the first half of March instead. The most likely reason for the change was the inclusion of Samsung’s newly developed, 20MP camera (f/1.8), which was also scheduled to be officially announced in early March. These earlier dates also coincide with this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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