After a few weeks of potentially unwanted leaks, Samsung has finally lifted the lid on all the splendour of the Galaxy Note 9 – officially this time. At an event at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, Samsung unveiled their latest flagship device, along with a host of other cogs in the ecosystem, and a device or two on the side. Due to a slight dip in sales from the Galaxy S9 over the S8 in 2017, Samsung have brought the launch date for the Note 9 a few weeks earlier, dropping on South African shores on 24 August 2018.

The big drawcard for Samsung and the Note 9 undoubtedly comes from the upgrades to the S Pen. The device will be available in multiple colours, matched to the device’s colour. The S Pen, however, will require a charge every so often, with Samsung suggesting a 40s charge time is sufficient to provide up to 30 minutes of use. There are also additional features built into the stylus, such a double tap feature of the button mechanic, which switches the camera modes.

The phablet sees a slight increase in the screen size, moving from 6.32” on the Note 8 to 6.38” (listed as 6.4”) on the Note 9. The device will also launch in two storage size variants, a 128GB and a whopping 512GB version. The device will also support up to 512GB external storage, which Samsung will be releasing in September, and effectively increases the potential physical storage, quite amazingly, to 1TB.

The newly revealed device will feature a 4,000mAh battery, which sees a 20% improvement over the Galaxy Note 8’s 3,300mAh version, making it the largest ever to feature in a Samsung smartphone. Included in the OS features is Bixby 2.0, with improved AI capabilities to tie in with your daily lifestyle, adjust to your user patterns, and recognise when you require assistance.

Samsung has also unveiled its plans for a Galaxy Note 9 in a ‘Welcome Pack’, which provides additional ‘value’ to Note 9 users and includes a tripod, wireless charger, and HDMI cable all worth R2,499. The cool thing about the cable is that it allows you enable DeX which is built directly into the Note 9’s software with no additional requirements.

Preorders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will start today, 9 August 2018. The 128GB variant will be available at R18,999 or R799pm, while the 512GB variant will drop a bit later for around R23,999.

In addition to the Note 9, Samsung also announced the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Home devices, both of which will be launched later in 2018. The Bluetooth version of the Watch will be available at R5,499 and the network-enabled version for R6,499.

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