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Samsung today, 30 October 2012, hosted an event in Sandton at Urban Tree. The event served to showcase the unveiling of a new line of Samsung products, which included notebooks, monitors and printers; more than 10 new products in total. With more emphasis placed on the design of products than before, the event, Labelled as “The Art of Technology”, took on the theme of an art gallery, in which each product resembled a piece of art.


The event was hosted by Gareth Cliff, who shared his view on technology and how it affects South Africans. Many of the jokes, though, weren’t well met by the crowd, as it was pushed a little too far for their comfort. Despite this, the rest of the entertainment performed admirably, who featured in between presentations. The pick of these was the illusionist, and the painting duo. Other entertainment featured a lady hanging upside down from the roof while pouring champagne, human statues and a few young photographers. Although the photographers don’t quite fit the bill of entertainers, their story impressed, as they were each given cameras at a young age in which to capture Johannesburg from their point of view. Each of the guests received a selected framed photograph as a parting gift.


The main entertainment, though, were the products itself. Products ranged from the ATIV Smart PC and Series 7 All in One PC to CLX-3305FW Printer and the new Series 9 Monitor. Many of these devices also tied in with Microsoft’s launch of Windows 8, which took place last week. Most of the products featuring Windows 8 featured touch screen capabilities, which highlights the direction that Samsung may be taking over the next year or so.


The majority of the devices launched today will be available within the next 4-6 weeks, while before the Xmas deadline. Some of the products are priced above the R10k mark, which may hit a bit of a nerve with eager consumers. If you consider each of the products announced, however, there is no doubting their quality, design and performance, many of which are industry leading and firsts in the market.


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