Logan Honest Trailer

Critics loved Logan. Fans loved Logan. Your mom probably even liked Logan – maybe, if she can get past the extreme R-rated violence and F-bombs. Even still, ScreenJunkies take shots at the film and they employ Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool to help in the ‘Logan Honest Trailer’.

Are you high? I’m not s*it on Logan,” Deadpool says in the hilarious video. “That movie is a f*cking masterpiece. If Hugh Jackman doesn’t get an Oscar nom, I’m setting every VHS copy of Crash on fire.”

Hugh Jackman returns in his ninth run as Wolverine to take on his most ruthless enemy – old age! – LOGAN!

“I do endorse James Mangold to make ‘Old Man Deadpool’ in 2038. Oh, man – how good would that be. Just 90 minutes of Cable and I changing each other’s space diapers,” Deadpool explains.

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