Ever since the first bit of information leaked regarding the PlayStation 4 NEO we have been waiting with bated breaths for Sony to officially announced the console. To our surprise, nothing was mentioned at E3 2016, but now rumors seem to suggest that Sony might unveil the console in the next few months.

Reports (although rumors) seem to strongly indicate that Sony will be revealing the PlayStation 4 NEO at a “technical showcase” on the 7th of September 2016. According to Vice Gaming, the final development kits for the console will be sent out at around the same time as the rumored showcase. It was initially suggested that Sony would reveal the PS4 NEO at the Tokyo Game Show in mid-September. Although it does make sense to announce it before the show as it gives Sony the opportunity to showcase the new console to the general public at TGS. The earlier announcement date might also be due to predictions that indicate that Nintendo might be revealing the NX around the 12th of September and that Sony would like to reveal the PS4 NEO before then.

It has been suggested that the console might hit store shelves around October, the same time that the PlayStation VR will be launching.


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