Rugby15 Launch Johannesburg

Rugby15 Launch Johannesburg

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Thursday, the 20th of November 2014 saw the launch of the new Rugby15 game.

I was exited to see the new game in action as Rugby games in general don’t come along very often.

The launch took place at the Apex Interactive’s offices in Randburg.

Upon arrival I was greeted by Alexia and the rest of the team from Apex Interactive. Immediately this launch felt like a true South African launch as, the smell of Boerewors permeated the air. We were treated with Rugby15 shirts (which look good on me even if I do say so myself)

The main gaming area was a site to behold. On the walls were images of famous rugby players like Brian Habana and Morne Stein. The setup consisted of two screens setup back to back connected to an Xbox One but, the centre piece was a large screen onto which the game was projected and connected to a PS4.

Most of the night was spent challenging each other in matches. The crowd watching the players play on the PS4 setup would cheer so loudly that you would think you were at an actual Rugby match.

Rugby15 is the first rugby game on next gen consoles. The game surprised me quite a bit especially with its new control scheme. The controls have changed from previous instalments. The right analogue stick and trigger is now used to pass. The stick is used to select the player to pass too and the trigger initiates the pass. This makes passing a lot more accurate. Goal kicking also felt innovative, as now you pull back the right analogue stick to build up power and flick it forward to kick. This felt natural and made total sense.

The A.I. put up a challenge when I played but, the true challenge was in playing human opponents. This is the core of the Rugby15 experience.

The Rugby15 game was a blast to play against the other guys and gals attending the event. To me that is what makes the rugby games so enjoyable, sitting on the couch with a few mates and beers playing rugby against each other.

Huge thanks to Alexia and the guys of Apex Interactive for a great evening of rugby, boerewors and beers. A true South African experience.

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