Heads Up Rogue Trooper Remaster Incoming

Developer Rebellion has announced that their 2006 third person shooter based on the 2000 AD Rogue Trooper comic will be receiving a remaster.

Heads Up Rogue Trooper Remaster Incoming

Originally released in 2006, Rebellion’s Rogue Trooper game is set on Nu-Earth and puts players in the shoes of a genetically modified soldier who is the only surviving G.I after his squad was massacred. Obviously, he’s pissed and out for revenge against the Nort regime who is responsible for his fellow soldiers’ deaths.

Rogue Trooper was a fun third-person shooter set in a fascinating universe filled with all kinds of interesting characters. I have fond memories of playing the original and am quite excited to see how the remastered version turns out.

Except for the teaser trailer below, not much else has been revealed regarding what updates the game will receive. There is also no release date. All we know is that it will be heading to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch.

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