Could Rocksteady Be Announcing Their Rumored Superman Game Soon?

We’ve already covered the rumours surrounding developer Rocksteady’s next project, with many believing it might be a new Superman game. Well, new rumours seem to indicate that this is indeed the case and that an announcement might be just around the corner.

Could Rocksteady Be Announcing Their Rumored Superman Game Soon?

The latest rumours surrounding Rocksteady’s next project stems from a post on 4chan, which naturally means that it should be taken with a grain of salt.

The post alleges that Rocksteady will be unveiling their Superman game prior to this year’s E3 (June 12-14). The anonymous poster also included a few short details regarding the project, including that it will be using Unreal Engine 4 and that it will take place in an open world Metropolis. It is also said that the game will include semi-destructive environments and, surprisingly, is set in the Arkhamverse (could this mean we’ll see Batman popping in to say hi?).

Other details include that the combat system will seamlessly integrate flying mechanics and that the game’s big bad will be non-other than Brainiac. Now, while Brainiac is slated to be the main villain, knowing Rocksteady (should the rumours prove true), there should be various other (more known and lesser known) villains making appearances.

Again, these are just rumours. However, as history has shown, where there’s smoke there usually is a fire. And, in this case, we are hoping that this rings true. Rocksteady revolutionised the Superhero game genre with the Arkham series and we are really hoping they do the same for Supes, especially since his game track record has been a left lacking in many (most) respects.

We’ve already covered what we would like to see in the next Superman game. What would you like to see?

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  1. Arundariel

    A great superman game should definitely be open world, with the ability to change to Clark Kent at will to undertake certain aspects of missions as a reporter (perhaps to progress missions/quest-lines to find information out or leads for his alter ego to follow up on). Maybe a detection system that would allow Clark to change to Supes when not seen by anyone. Supes should be fully powered up at all times (no nerfed superman..we want a superman game and the ability to play as superman using all of his powers properly as intended). More powerful enemies (lets not forget Supes is also vulnerable to magic too) but a healthy dose of weaker enemies to give us the feeling of the awesome powerhouse Supes is.
    I think a good area with differing landscapes is a must too. Not just a concrete jungle that is metropolis but some city suburbs and perhaps smallville nearby (which could serve as a starter zone while players learn how to control a younger clarks abilities), but let us fly past it and stop off at the smallville farm perhaps as a save point/base.

    Now, Please let us also have a “speed force” in game power, whereby you hit a button and enter speed force and everything slows down around supes! A super-flight option to head over to the fortress of solitude to interact with his father via the crystals for training tips/hints with missions ect. I have so many great ideas for a GREAT supes game and I would simply geekgasm into the next life if these features were announced for an upcoming Supes game

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