Watch: Robots In The Wild Wants To Scratch Your Tetris Itch

‘Robots In The Wild’ Wants To Scratch Your Tetris Itch

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Heatbox Games have announced that their new game, Robots in the Wild, will be arriving on Steam Early Access soon.

Watch: Robots In The Wild Wants To Scratch Your Tetris Itch

Robots in the Wild is s Tetris-like puzzle game that sees players building a Robo-fortress by strategically placing falling blocks. Each of these blocks has their own unique attributes. Some shoot lasers, others light up the darkness, but most importantly they are your only defense against the monsters. The monsters are out to get you, so players need to make sure that their defenses are up and ready.

About the Story: An asteroid crash obliterated our Mothership, the only home we have ever known. The tragic impact scattered our precious cargo, hearts, far and wide across the galaxy. Into the Wild. It’s now up to us to rescue them. We need to complete the Main Objective.

The idea of building your fortress out of different falling blocks is a really interesting and unique concept. So if you enjoy puzzle games, Tetris and killing monsters, give Robots In The Wild a go.

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