Robert Rodriguez and John Malkovich stars in a new film called 100 Years. If you were thinking of watching the film when it releases, you might be a bit disappointed, as the film will only be screened on the 18th of November 2115, a hundred years from now.

100 years 1

The film is part of a promotion for Louis XIII Cognac, which is aged for a 100 years (this is where the movie gets it’s title and the idea for it’s release date from). According to the site io9 the film will be set in the present, and will be an emotionally charged film.  Not much is know about the film, as only three teaser trailers where released which seem to focus on what the future might look like in a 100 years time, rather than giving any information on what the film will be about.

A 1000 lucky people will receive metal movie tickets from Louis XIII, these can then be used by the recipient’s descendants to access the screening of 100 Years in a hundred years time.

The worst part is that I will never know if the film was any good, or what it was about, as I will probably be at the bottom of a grave somewhere or be cryogenically frozen (in which case I might just be able to attend the screening).

Below are the three teasers for the film:

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