Ripper A Batman Fan Film-Indiegogo Campaign

Ripper: A Batman Fan Film: Indiegogo Campaign

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London , 1888 and the Ripper murders are gripping the country. The people of Whitechapel are afraid to walk the streets at night and the police are no closer to cracking the case. Chief Inspector Abberline leads the investigation and with pressure from above to catch the killer, his own demons start to get the better of him…
What Abberline doesn’t know is that there is someone out there who wants to help.

Someone in the shadows…. watching…. waiting to strike.

“There’s worse things out there than Jack the Ripper.”

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And that’s essentially the premise of the fan film. The film has, in fact, already completed most of the shooting, with mostly the part of Jack the Ripper to be cast and shot. This is where the campaign comes in.
In June we wrapped on principal photography for Ripper.

2 weeks prior to shooting, we lost our “Jack the Ripper”, this was due to the actor being cast in a big feature film. Rather than rush out and cast just anyone, we decided to still go ahead with the shoot, knowing that we would have to come back at a later date. We are now very close to casting our new Jack the Ripper, and have been pretty blown away by the actors that are interested.

However, attracting that “bigger name” and higher caliber of actor costs more, so this is where you guys can come in and help bring our film and desired “Jack the Ripper” to the screen…

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You can view the trailer for the film below, and if you’re interested in seeing it been completed, please head on over to the Indiegogo: Ripper: A Batman Fan Film site to make your donation.

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