Reynolds Responds To Cable Casting In 'Deadpool 2'

Reynolds Responds To Cable Casting In ‘Deadpool 2’

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After months of rumours, Fox finally announced that Josh Brolin will be playing Cable in Deadpool 2. Of course, Ryan Reynolds, aka Deadpool, responded to the news.

Never one to keep his mouth shut, The Merc With The Mouth was quick to poke fun at the fact that Josh Brolin is playing two characters in the Marvel Universe, both Cable and Thanos in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. The actor posted a very bizarre photo, featuring Deadpool’s hand, a condom with all of The Golden Girl’s names on it, a couple of dominos and a cup of coffee with Josh Brolin’s face in it.

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    • Dean Bruiners

      I seriously have my doubts dude. I’m not knocking his credentials as an actor. He is indeed a fine actor, however…he makes the same mistakes many actors do…they don’t choose their roles right.

    • Dean Bruiners

      I wasn’t impressed with Marvel Studios idea of what Bishop should be and I’m already not happy about their choice for Cable. But like you said…

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