Watch: Return To Morrowind In Elder Scrolls Online

Bethesda has revealed that the new expansion for Elder Scrolls Online will have players exploring the mushroom invested region of Morrowind.

Watch: Return To Morrowind In Elder Scrolls Online
The new Elder Scrolls Online expansion, according to the press release, will give players a look at how the region looked 700 years before The Elder Scrolls III game which took place in the same region of Morrowind. Players will be able to explore Vivec City during its construction.

Existing players will have access to Vvardenfell immediately while new players will be able to choose and create fresh new characters even without completing any previous content. the expansion also includes a brand new class called the Warden. This new class combines melee weapons and nature based magics to dispatch their foes. Wardens will also have the support of a new combat ally the bad-ass war bear.

As part of the announcement, Bethesda has also released an action-packed new cinematic trailer.

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