Sony has released a trailer for the new Resident Evil CGI movie, titled Resident Evil: Vendetta, which sees the team fighting a new threat.

Sony has released a trailer for the new Resident Evil CG movie, titled Resident Evil: Vendetta (or Biohazard: Vendetta in Japan), which sees the team going up against a new threat.

Resident Evil: Vendetta Trailer

The Resident Evil: Vendetta trailer has a few familiar faces, including Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy and Rebecca Chambers. As can be expected, the team has been tasked with stopping yet another bad guy from releasing a deadly virus on New York and wiping out the population. The movie was announced way back in 2015 and is set to release in Japan in May, with a US release scheduled sometime this Summer.

The first trailer shows Chris Redfield and some of his fellow BSAA soldiers entering a mansion infested with zombies, that resembles the mansion from the first Resident Evil game. The second trailer reveals the identity of the main antagonist, Glenn Arias.

The CG animated film is based on the video games and not the live action films starring Milla Jovovich. Vendetta will be the third CG movie, after Resident Evil: Degeneration in 2008.

Resident Evil: Vendetta was written by Makoto Fukami and produced by Takashi Shimizu, who created the horror series The Grudge. The movie was made by Marza Animation Planet.

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  1. Oh no they definitely are. As a staunch RE fan since RE1 back in the day, I really think they did a good job with the CGI films. I do wish they were smaller, more contained stories like the original 3 games (although the airport location in Degeneration was awesome).

    I always think about how different the live action films would’ve been if George Romero’s script was considered as opposed to Paul Anderson. Apparently it was more close knit to the games. THIS is a movie franchise that is in dire need of a reboot, and by actual fans of the game.

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